Summer Internships

At XIME, summer internships are a valued part of a student's learning and development process.

XIME creates for its students, umpteen opportunities for exposure to and interactions with organisations in order to give them a realistic preview of the corporate and business world. Summer Internships are for 8 weeks. The Faculty Guide and Placement Coordinator take special interest in guiding the students in finalizing and carrying out meaningful projects. Apart from the submission of detailed reports, there is a fairly intense viva voice (with external panelists from industry) to assess the student's learning and contributions made to the organisation during the internship period.

In case of potential summer internship opportunities and for further information on student profiles, please e-mail

Placement Coordinator
Direct & Fax 080-2852 0019
General 080-2852 8597 / 98

Industry Visits

Industry visits are frequently organised across terms towards this objective.The interactions during these visits are aimed to augment their appreciation of the working of organisations, their key processes and best practices. Students summarise their insights and learnings through industry visit reports post these visits.