The Bangalore Campus

XIME, Bangalore has a beautifully landscaped campus spanning 4.3 acres. The presence of reputed companies such as GE, HP, lnfosys, Siemens, TCS, Wipro and Tata BP Solar in the vicinity helps to improve the Industry-Institution Interaction. The carefully designed and built campus is equipped with high-tech Infrastructure and modern facilities. XIME is one of the few management Institutes outside the IIMs that offers a completely residential programme.

The campus facilities include 14 classrooms with seating capacities ranging from 40 to 150, an executive conference hall and an auditorium with a seating capacity of 300. All students have laptops  and the entire campus (including the Hostels) is WiFi enabled. The computer lab , with 120 PCs, also has its own state of the art video conferencing facility. All class rooms are enabled with audio-visual facilities.

The Facilities
  • 13 classrooms with seating capacity ranging from 40to 150
  • Classrooms fully equipped with public address system and LCD projectors
  • Students' Hostels
  • Executive Conference Hall for Management Development Programmes (MDPs)
  • Auditorium with a seating capacity of 300
  • Video conferencing facility for virtual classes and Webinars
  • On campus gymnasium and facilities for cricket, basketball, volley ball, badminton, tennis, billiards and table tennis
  • Students' lounge with entertainment facilities
  • Canteen and dining rooms; coffee/coke vending machines

Ladles' Hostel

The meticulously planned Ladles’ Hostel, ‘Teresa Hall’, is located right behind the main teaching-cum administration block of the Institute.

  • Well-lit, spacious rooms with French windows
  • All basic amenities including 24-hour hot water
  • Internet facility (WI-FI enabled)
  • Gym facility including Tread Mill
  • Facility for playing Badminton, Table Tennis, Billiards
  • A common room with Indoor games and entertainment facility

Men’s Hostel

The spacious men’s hostel is located in the extension campus of XIME, which is located diagonally opposite the main campus.

  • Well-lit, spacious rooms
  • Attached washrooms
  • All basic amenities including 24-hour hot water
  • Internet facility (Wi-Fi enabled)
  • A common room with indoor games
  • Tennis Court
  • Facilities for games and gymnasium.

Resource Centre

Well Stocked Library

The library, located in the western wing of the central courtyard offers:

  • Library Management System to help in easy search and location of books
  • A wide range of intellectual material from archives and books to magazines, newspapers, audio-video cassettes and CDs.
  • A collection of over 24,000 books
  • Large number of magazines and journals, both national and international, numbering over 180.
  • Online databases- EBSCO, J-Gate and
  • Bound volumes of a number of national and International magazines/journals collected over the years.
  • Internet access, Image scanning and CD recording of material in the audio-video reference section.

Computer Facilities

The Computing facilities include fully wired computer LAN with over 200 PCs equipped with software for creating presentations, data analysis, word processing, image capture and modification, statistical analysis and multimedia activity. The PCs are networked to multiple servers. Students have dedicated folder space in the server. The networked facilities Include software development kits, RDBMS and centralized scanning and printing.
The Computer Centre is equipped with:

  • Latest servers and PCs as nodes, connected on a Windows Server platform
  • Fully wired and WI-FI enabled campus
  • 10 Mbps Internet connections in each campus.
  • Part of SAP's University Alliances Program
  • Latest software packages
  • Video Conferencing facility.